The Crimson Chronicles


Today I am travling with five other people, we are looking for my master that is diapper while on a quest. While on our quest to find my master ran in to elementals. It was not hard for me and my mount to get rid of. After we found the cave my master was heading to will ran in to a mass of fire rats, after killing the rats we find my master great sword. I knew things were bad because my master only bring that sword when he is in real danger. I had a bad feeling when I pick it up, as soon as I did this elemental that was fuse together can out of the lava. It gave us so troble but we pulled out of it, after we got out of the cave we started back to get the bad news to my guild that my master has fallin in battle one of the men in my party keep asking for my masters sword and would not be quiet till I let him hold it, so if any thing happens to master sword I will kill him. After putting my master name to rest, we sit out on a quest to find out what is kill all of the cows out on a farm land, we found wolfs that would eating the cows.there was one dire wolf and 4 smaller ones. All I could tell is that they would hungry but killing had to be done,



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