Known History

The following is a brief write up on the history as known by the public at this time.

The years are listed based off the signing of the treaty between natives of this plane and the elementals stuck. ET = Elemental Treaty, BT = Before Treaty and AT = After Treaty.

Around 600 BT what is now known as the Elemental Event, a way to open a portal to the elemental planes is found. Why this was done and by whom is no longer known. Special stones were used to open these portals and were placed in many places around the land. These sites were known as a elemental nexus. With these sites a user of the arcane powers could be used to open a portal to the elemental plane that matched the stone used. Though the populace at first feared the beings that came over to their plane, they did not appear hostile. Elementals became a daily site and almost reached the status of a regular citizen.

600 years later that all changed. Something caused all the elementals to rise up against the natives of the material plane. The cause is not known and may have never been figured out. The initial assault was devastating. With most of the leadership taken out within the first week, it would have been the end of this world for the natives if not for the powers of the arcane orders. The war lasted for four years before all the nexuses were powered down. Once that happened the Elementals became uncoordinated and were easily dispatched.

To prevent the total annihilation of the elementals, the greatest wizards of the time came together and formed a treaty with the remaining stuck elementals. The elementals would become servants and never take part in any aggression towards the people of the land. The wizards would then protect them to the best of their abilities.

With the land devastated from the war and the government in ruins, several new governments rose from the ashes. Wizards from two orders that were destroyed from the elemental war took the opportunity to rise in power and even became rulers of their own. This was generally frowned on by the orders, but nothing was ever done to fix it.

Over 1000 years go by. Elementals are common sites as servants. The decedents of the wizard rulers are now the rulers of theirs small empires and renown arcane users themselves. Looking to expand their lands a war broke out between several of the wizard rulers. Dark magic’s were used and lands were devastated all around. All the other rulers came together to form a massive army to fight the wizards after 10 years of watching unspeakable evils being performed. The army was wiped out within a year. Fearing for the safety of his land the King of the westlands pleaded with and old and wizen wizard that was part of the treaty signing so long ago. A pact was made between the wizard, divine forces and the elementals. A barrier was raised that separated the westlands from the rest of the world. As part of creating the barrier the wizard had to give up his life. The barrier is constantly fluxing in color and forces. With a combination of each element, positive and negative energy, and arcane magic, the barrier has been impassable.

Once the barrier is in place a order of cavaliers that was being trained in secret is set on the mission to wipe out any and all arcane users. A bounty is issued for known arcane casters. A army is raised for the sole purpose of wiping out any wizards that managed to not be taken out by a small group. Arcane casting is outlawed. Arcane orders are destroyed and their places of learning and living are looted. Magic items are highly sought after, since there is no decree against using the items. The fear is the rise of wizards that would start the War of Mages all over again inside the safety of the barrier.

Any arcane users that are found are killed then burned. Their remains are then thrown into the barrier.

The mountains to the North had several small tribes of goblins that managed to be on the safe side when the barrier was raised. They never crossed the mountains and never bothered anyone other then the dwarves that call the mountains home.

So with the barrier to the East, impassable mountains to the North as well as the West and a Ocean to the South (a mile off the coast is rock formations that make anything bigger then a one man boat impassable) the Westlands have had 1,000 years of relative peace.


Known History

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