House Rules

In combat a critical hit must be confirmed. If the confirmation is
a natural 20 then there is a third roll. If third roll confirms a hit then
the PC/NPC struck is at 0hp. If the last roll is also a Natural 20 then
Coupe de grace rules apply.

Crit Failure:
A natural 1 during combat is a critical failure. If another PC is within
range then it is considered a critical threat aginst them and rolls would
be made to confrim the same as Crit rules above. A PC can dropped to 0 hp
by means of a crit failure. If no PC is within range then a mishap
will happen that will either cause the PC to lose their weapon, take damage
fall prone, or lose next action. All are subject to GM discretion and are
on a case by case basis. NPC’s follow same rules for both crits and crit

Pathfinder Economy is a very simply put together thing. It does not take
PC making cash via crafting/spell casting. Therefor, PCs will only be able
to make 100gp per lvl per week with the use of skills/crafting/abilities.
And that’s if the PC takes 8 hours each day dedicated to doing so.
The game is designed for PCs to make their income from adventuring. I will
be allowing PCs to use the appraise skill along with a diplomacy or bluff
skill to increase profits from selling adventuring gear, to a max of 75% of
the items base price instead of the standard 50%. There is a chance that
based off the rolls that the buyer will only be willing to pay as far
down as 25% of the base item. Survival can also be used to harvest items
from some creatures that the pc’s can sell up to 1/10th of the CR listed
treasure value. The DC will be 15 + 2 x CR. Matching the DC up to 5 over
will give 1/100th of the price. 6-10 over will give 1/25th, 11 or higher
over the DC will net 1/10th of the price. So a CR 5 has a treasure listed
as 1,550gp. Its a survival check DC of 25. A check of 25-30 will net 15gp
and 5sp. A check of 31-35 will net 62gp. A check of higher then 35 will
net the PC 155gp. Each creature will need 1 hour per CR to properly use
the survival skill. Take 10 and take 20 can be used.

Death and New PC’s
Regardless of the party’s level any new PC’s made for any reason will start
at lvl 1 with average starting gold. Any PC lower then 2 levels below the
party average earns double experience until they are at least 2 levels from
the party average. Every Party member starts off with 1 Divine intervention
point. This point can be used to prevent the death of any PC up to level 5.
After level 5 all PC’s lose any unused Divine intervention points. Once it
it is used, it is forever gone. No new PCs created after day 1 start with
any. After a PC uses a Divine intervention the Deity could decide not to
grant it based off the actions of the PC that may be about to die.

Obsidian EXP:
There will be exp awarded for maintaining obsidian. 500 xp for char info.
Exp for doing a bio with the amount based off info given
up to a max of 500 exp. Also, Obsidian portal web site
has a log that can earn you exp. Each game session that you write a log for
can earn you up to 1,000exp. Yes, if you do your char info and fill out
a good usable bio you could start the game with 1,000 exp. Also exp
awarded for background info that I can use for races. Must not conflict
with current background.

Core and Advance Players Guide only.

All rules maybe enforced or ignored by the GM at anytime and are subject
to change. That being said, I strive to make the game fun for all envolved.
I do discourage powergaming and metagaming.

House Rules

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