Character creation

Starting Stats:
A simple point system is used. All stats start at 10. There are 20 points to spend. There is a 1:1 buy/sell ratio. No stat can go below 8 or above 18 prior to race selection.

All Characters start off at level 1 with Max HP.

Any race from the Core book minus half-orcs but including the following from the Advance Race Guide are available for PC’s. Aasimars, Ifrits, Oreads, Sylphs, Tieflings, and Undines. Notice that the included races are of holy and elemental backgrounds. While these races MAY give you bonuses during character creation, they MAY also have a large impact on game play. While Aasimars and Tieflings are known as holy (or Unholy), they will find respect in some cities, while others will be hostile towards them. In the game world, elementals are a very common sight, but as servants and other varies “Help”. Any PC of that type will be seen as nothing more then servants, regardless of their accomplishments. The choice of starting race will also determine which Backgrounds you may chose, which also effects your starting gear, cash, traits and other considerations. I strongly suggest you look over all choices that will be effected by your race before your final decision. Also, see starting traits for racial and
class traits.

In the classes list there will be ones that allow Evil as a choice with restrictions. Though several classes do allow this, I will only allow a max of 2 evil characters into the party. Those who have played with me before know I dislike an evil party, as long as you abide by the characters background there should be no issues. Also, I am not allowing Paladins into this game for the sole purpose of allowing some moral leniency.

The following is a list of classes that are available and pertinent information of each. I highly suggest for all players to look at Prestige classes and discus with me early in the game so that I can be sure to make it possible or to let you know if it will not be available to avoid wasting of feats/skill points. One other point, Summoners should be edited out of all Pathfinder books and wiped from memory , I DO NOT allow them in my games.

Any Non-Evil, Must be a Divine or Core race. Must have Home Town Healer Background.

Any Non-Evil

Due to hatred of Arcane casting, bards must either have mostly divine spells or able to explain away the arcane casting. Putting skill points into Sleight of Hand, Bluff and/or Diplomacy and actually using those skills for that purpose. May be Evil, but will be restricted to a Evil Background choice.

Human Only, Any Non-Evil

Any Non-Evil
Will have Deities list with Domains and Subdomains.

A True Neutral Druid with the Elemental Druid Background may choose a Elemental in place of a animal for his/her Nature Bond. A list of the elementals abilities will be supplied by me and will be on par with the animal companion. May be evil but must choose from an Evil Background choice. May only pick a cleric elemental domain as their Nature bond if not Neutral. If Neutral and does not want the elemental companion then they must also select from the elemental domains.

Any Non-Evil

No elemental races. May be Evil, but must choose from Evil Background.

If non core race then the race will determine the Mystery. Any Non-Evil. Elemental races must choose the mystery that corresponds with their elemental type. A divine race is restricted based of what deity they have spawned from, regardless of how far down the family tree. (this is determined by the GM)

May be Evil, but must choose Evil Ranger Background.

May be Evil, but must choose from Evil Background. A forewarning, I will be using the Elemental Subtype a lot in this game, one benefit from this subtype is immunity to precision-based attacks, such as sneak attacks. They are also not subject to flanking or critical hits.

Can only be of the Divine or Elemental Races with the corresponding bloodline. Knows Arcane magic is hated and hides the arcane casting behind their Natural Abilities.

While they are in this campaign, the concept I have for them will not work well to be played as a PC. If someone has their heart set on playing one, get with me and we may be able to come to some kind of arrangement.

Any race, but must have Wizard Background and may only choose a bonded item. Arcane casting covered in Wizard background.

Backgrounds and Traits covered here:
Backgrounds and Traits
Racial Traits

Character creation

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