Backgrounds and Traits

Here is a list of Backgrounds and Traits allowed for characters. Each charcter must choose one of the listed backgrounds, and unless otherwise noted, a background maybe only used by one PC.

Home Town Healer
You were raised by Brice Drust, a local healer/alchemist. You have grown up helping take care of the local population. If you are not of the elemental races, you are looked upon with some respect and are well known. Your mentor has a son of age to start training to take over the business and also thinks it is time for you to experience life on your own for awhile. Drust is able to make mundane alchemy items and up to 2nd level alchemist formulas. He is willing to sell to you at a 20% discount. This background available first for any alchemist, if none at start of game then may be chosen by any non-evil Cleric, Inquisitor or Oracle. All start with 1 free skill point in Heal. Traits and Starting equipment per class are.
1 alchemist fire, 1 acid flask, 2 potion of cure light wounds, A Masterwork backpack and 180gp.
Trait: Sacred touch, As a standard action, you may automatically stabilize a dying creature merely by touching it.

Cleric, Inquisitor, Oracle
1 wand of cure light wounds with 10 charges, 150 gp.
Trait: Sacred touch, As a standard action, you may automatically stabilize a dying creature merely by touching it.

You were a squire of Leontis Rizon, a local hero. You are well known and respected in your home town. You had sustained a injury and while being treated by the local healer Durst, Leontis rode off to take care of some threat on his own. It has been a week and he has not returned. You have access to a full set of MW armor of your choice along with a MW weapon of you choice. You have your mount and 300gp. You stay in Leontis home, but it is owned by the Order that he belonged to. When talk of a search party is started, you are the first to volunteer. You gain the Dedicated Defender trait. You gain a +1 trait bonus on attack rolls when a PC is dying or disabled or next to a dying or disabled ally. Cavaliers only.

Arcane magic is hated and feared. Army’s have been raised and cities sacked to destroy wizards in the past. Though it is a death sentence to be a arcane caster, that does not stop some. A secret order of wizards have a safe haven in the mountains for those of like minds. You are from that order, though mostly all you did was clean the kitchens when not being allowed to study the arcane arts. You have returned home to visit a distant uncle, the only living family you have left. You would have chosen not to, but your uncle (Leontis Rizon if your human) is part of a order that hunts down wizards. You are there, as you do every year, to see if the order is any closer to finding out about the safe haven. If your not human, your uncle works as a servant in the Rizon household and may have information you might need. If your of the elemental races, then your uncle is a servant with possible information and is aware of your class. You know that casting arcane magic is as good as signing your own death warrant. You hide it by pretending to be of another class. If you pretend to be a bard, you get a free skill point in a Perform of your choice and it becomes a class skill. If you pretend to be a alchemist you get a free skill point in Craft alchemy and its a class skill. Alternately you could choose to pretend to be using magical items. Though not common, items like wands and rods are accepted, and everyone knows a rouge could figure out how to use it. If you decide to go this route Use Magic Device and Bluff become class skills. If you run into anyone else of the order, you must provide any assistance, and the revers is the same. Their is an hierarchy in the order and is strictly followed. If you expose the wizards in anyway, any and all resources will be use to eliminate you. If you run across anyone exposing the order, you must use every means in your power to eliminate them, or be seen as guilty as they are. Any wizards in the party must start off with this background.
Wizards start off with 100gp.

You are the child of Alfred Brayden. You are well known and respected. You have had a mostly sheltered life but have had the benefit of teachers. You are of the age now to leave home, and though your father would rather you go into politics after himself, he knows that you might not do so well without real world experiences. He was attempting to secure you a more then modest position within the army, but would jump at any chance to get you on your way. Most of the “equipment” you currently have is for “show” but your father is willing to pay for new stuff. You start off with 1500gp and a riding horse. 2 free skill points. May add knowledge “nobility” and 1 other knowledge as a class skill. Will have a place to stay when in your home town, as long as your father is still in charge. You will be considered a minor noble with a house symbol that may or may not be recognized out in the world. You also have a weak air elemental as a servant, treated as the spell Unseen servant that flees during any type of conflict. If someone chooses the Servant of Nobility background, they replace your unseen servant. Restricted to Humans Only.

Released from Servitude
Your the child of a elemental and a unknown human. Your elemental parent raised you and is in servitude to a family in your home town. You have lived and worked with servants your entire life. During a family picnic the daughter of the family you were serving almost died. Thanks to action on your part her life was saved. As a reward you were given a Medallion of Release. With this you could travel the known world without fear of someone attempting to return you to your rightful owner. While you know that you will never able to be more then a servant in the peoples eyes, you still yearn to know freedom. You start off with 50 gp. Restricted to Elemental races.

Servant of Nobility
You were a servant of the Brayden house hold. If someone chooses the Nobility background, you are sent as the servant of that person. If no one chooses Nobility as their background, you are given over from Brayden to serve the party until a task given from him is complete. In both cases, you are asked to keep detail records off all that you see and what happens. You start off with a mule and cart (to carry whomever you are servings stuff). You also start off with 100gp that you have managed to save. Restricted to Elemental races.

Evil Ranger
A horde of raiders attacked your settlement and killed most of your people. As a result you harbor a deep resentment toward a particular faction or race (including your own). You lived in the wild afterwards and developed a glee for killing humanoids. You realize that in order for you to find the ones responsible for the deaths of your settlement you need to be accepted by humans and have come to push down your need of killing for the time. You find yourself in a town that would be a good start to earning favor. Bluff is a class skill and you start off with one free skill point in it. Elemental races unable to chose this background. You start off with one set of regular armor of your choice and a MW ranged weapon of choice. You also start off with 100gp.

Evil Stepchild
You are a step child of a Mary Sullivan. Your father died when you were just a baby and Mary continued to raise you as her own. You spent most of your time in the woods around your home town and took great joy in torturing and killing small animals. You tried to share this with Mary at one point and realized by her reaction that you could never let anyone know about your “hobby” ever again. When in town you are known as a quite and shy person. Everyone would say you were a good child if a little strange. They would say you never seem to get angry, though they fail to realize that you have an outlet for all your anger and any other strong emotions. Lately Mary has seem to be noticing some things about you that would be better that she didn’t. Maybe it is time to move on from your Hometown and possible get to try your “skills” on bigger and better things. You do know how to appear as anything but the evil person you are. You gain 1 free Bluff skill point and Bluff is always a class skill for you. You start off with a MW dagger, a place to stay anytime your visiting your home town (depending on if Mary is alive, and you left on good terms). You also have 100gp. Not allowed for Elemental races.

Elemental Evil
You are part of a outcast group of Elemental races. You know that not all elementals like being servants to the humanoids. Your kind is hated and feared by both the servant elementals and the humanoid races. You had lived in fear knowing that your kind is hunted and killed, without ever knowing why. You hate the ones you were living with for being outcast, you hate everyone else for making you an outcast. One day you decided that you wanted to find out why you are an outcast an to find out how to change things. You don’t only want to be no longer an outcast, but to rule those that seem to be ruling now. You know just going up to any town as you were was death so your dreams were on hold. Until one day you came upon another of your kind wearing a medallion. He seemed friendly enough, if a little nervous. He explained how his master gave him the release from servitude and how very few ever get that right. You welcomed this stranger into your camp and even feed him while listing to stories of his past life. When he slept you killed him and took the medallion as your own. You find yourself in the starting town with just the few stories to guide you on how to act. What you need is to be accepted or to attach yourself to someone who is. One fear that sits in the back of your mind is that someone will recognize the medallion’s house symbol and then you know your life would be forfeit. You start off with a MW weapon of choice, 1 free skill point in survival and survival is always a class skill for you, you also have 50gp. Elemental races only.

One day, you picked up an instrument or told a tale, and your raw natural ability captivated everyone who saw you perform. Words and music have always come to you effortlessly, as naturally as breathing. Your road to travel to distant lands has landed you in the starting town. You gain 1 free skill point in a single perform skill of your choice, and all perform skill are always class skills for you. You start off with a MW instrument of your choice, 50gp, a pack mule and had earned yourself room and board for one night at the local inn. Any bards in the party have first pick at this background. Non-elemental races only.

Rage Against the World
You grew up knowing that your people were slowly dying out-that your extinction was inevitable in the face of the changing world. In youthful vigor, you declared that your fire would not be snuffed without a fight. Your rage stems from the desperate desire to be remembered, to make a mark upon the world before the sun sets on your dwindling kind. When you rage, a single thought permeates your burning mind: If you’re going down, you’re taking everyone with you. You gain +2 to initiative. You start off with a MW weapon of choice. You also have 125gp. You have spent the last 2 days in the starting town looking for a sign of where to go next. This background is for barbarians. If none are in the party, then it is open to all.

Touched By Death
You died or nearly died. In the midst of this experience, your mind came to a place of quiet where you witnessed your deity or its agents pulling your body and spirit back from the brink of death. Every day since has been a gift, and you strive to understand the reason you have been saved while countless others perish. you get a +1 to your fort save. If you are of a good or neutral deity, then you live in the starting town and stay in the local temple with other devote. If you are of a Evil deity, the same is true but you are there under the guise of a neutral follower. You start off with 20gp and one set of normal light armor of your choice. You also start with a wand of cure light wounds, 10 charges. Clerics and Oracles only.

Backgrounds and Traits

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